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About us

Provisure is an investment education & consultancy firm with our own in-house proprietary trading team. We advocate the importance of financial literacy and education in trading & investment. We strongly believe in using our expertise in making money work harder for you, and helping every individual achieve financial freedom.

01. Education

Understand trading and investment first. Then learn to apply these concepts. We work with you to craft the best solutions for your needs.

02. Execution

Execute your well-formulated financial strategy, with support by our team expertise.

03. Enjoyment

Enjoy the rewards of your enhanced return from a better financial strategy.

Proven results

Impacting lives positively

At Provisure, we strive to impact lives positively through helping individuals achieve financial freedom.


improvement in investment returns



Our people

A Team Of Professionals

Derek Choo

Founding CEO

A visionary entrepreneur in the luxury & lifestyle business. Provisure was born out of his passion in trading and investing, as well as pursuit of financial freedom.

Jay Cheung

Senior Investment Analyst

Specialist in global equities and bonds, with 8 years of experience in managing assets of over US$1 billion.

Vincent Chow

Investment Analyst

His working experience in various banks and hedge funds have honed his skills deeply in investment research & analysis.

Niklaus Felix

Investment Analyst

Graduated from one of the top university in the world, with internship experience at a leading investment bank.

Pips Hunter

Star Trader

Previously head of forex trading at an investment bank. Now trading full time under the pseudonym of Pips Hunter in the comfort of his private beach resort.

Dustin Earle

Senior Trader

An ex-banker who left his corporate job and is trading for a living currently. Dustin has plenty of skin in the game, with a large portion of his wealth invested in his trading.

Théo Francisque

Trading & Risk Analyst

20 years of institutional trading experience, specialising in risk management, Theo manages the trading risk in Provisure.

Malcolm Frank

Algorithmic Trading Engineer

Has over 10 years of experience in using trading logic to develop automated trading systems. Now developing proprietary trading robots for Provisure.

Our Core Competencies

What We Do Best

Investment Education

Educate yourself and learn more about trading and investment.

Proprietary Trading

Our in-house trade execution team focusing on high-probability trading, backed by strong research & analysis.

Financial Strategy

Helping you to find what works best for yourself.

Investment Research & Analysis

To support our prop trading team.

Managed Investment

Where we take care of the trade executions on your behalf, so you can invest worry-free.

Portfolio optimisation

Through managed or alternative investments, we help you supercharge your capital and enhance your returns.

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